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Basics of Custom Post Types and Divi Machine

You'll learn about post types and custom post types. Then you'll see how to create a custom post type and display the data with Divi Machine.

Easy Update to Gas Prices With Divi

See how easy it is for a client to change gas prices by editing Divi text modules in a Divi Library global section.

Using Seamless Textures With Divi

Learn how easy it is to use a seamless texture instead of a solid color or gradient fill to spice up the backgrounds of areas in Divi.

Creating a Palette and Adding It To Divi

Learn why you want to set up a color palette, how to get color values, add them as a palette in Divi and put those colors to use.

Loading and Using a Logo With Divi

You'll see how to load a logo file in Divi Theme Options and then how to display the logo using Dynamic Content in the Divi Menu module.

The Free Divi Unleashed Child Theme

Learn why you should use a child theme with Divi, how to install the Divi Unleashed Child Theme and the features it adds to Divi.

Introduction to the Divi Unleashed Web Site

Learn about the Divi Unleashed Web Site, Foster Coburn's journey to Divi, what you can expect to learn and how you can get a free Divi child theme.

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