Divi 5 Speed Preview + Divi AI Sneak Peek!

Divi 5 Speed Preview + Divi AI Sneak Peek!
June 2, 2023

We are in the midst of a massive project, Divi 5, and I like to update the community every month on our progress. Last month, we dug deep into the five stages of the Divi 5 beta program to better understand how we are approaching such a big project in the most advantageous way for Divi users. We are in Phase 1, Dev Alpha, and we are getting closer to launching Dev Beta, at which point the new Divi 5 API will be solidified. We will invite more developers to join the program while we work towards the first public release later this year. In this month’s update, we’ll talk about the updates we made to Divi 5. I’ll also show you how fast Divi 5 is, and then I’ll give you a sneak peek of our upcoming Divi AI feature! Let’s dig in.


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