Divi 4.23.2 Provides Security Update and Much More

Divi Updates
December 21, 2023

Just before the holidays, Elegant Themes address an important security issue and a number of small bugs in this latest Divi update.

version 4.23.2 (updated 12-20-2023)

  • Security Update: Fixed a Stored Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability: Resolved an issue where a contributor-level or author user could, by using a specific Divi shortcode linked to a custom field, introduce executable JavaScript from the custom field into posts.
  • Fixed Free-form CSS not outputting the styles when styles exists for more than one module.
  • Fixed the issue where AI and library fields were displayed on the ‘Find’ field in Find Replace.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect option was being selected in the Inline Text Editor toolbar.
  • Added tooltips to theme builder set export checklist for a better user experience.
  • Updated apply_free_form_css() and setFreeFormCss() methods to improve CSS flexibility and compatibility.
  • Added support for closing the export modal and fixed portability modal difference in TB.
  • Fixed various PHP v8.2 warnings.
  • Fixed an issue with the custom_functions.php file where the array key was not properly formatted.
  • Fixed an issue with the ContentResultsModal component where string values were not properly handled, causing images to fail to render.
  • Fixed an issue in the CodeResultsRefine component that caused an error when retrying a prompt with updated text.
  • Resolved issue where the first line of code extends beyond field of view.
  • Changed elegant_themes_support elevated role to administrator.
  • Fixed Presets being imported when not checked.
  • Added new class properties for querying taxonomies and handling API requests.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with the Hustle plugin caused by the smooth scroll functionality in Divi.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect formatting of padding values in the module-customizer module migrations.
    • ai-app/ai-app.php
    • ai-app/i18n/ai-code.php
    • ai-app/i18n/user-prompt.php
    • ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.js
    • ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.css
    • core/code-snippets/CodeSnippetsLibrary.php
    • core/components/HTTPInterface.php
    • core/components/PageResource.php
    • core/components/Portability.php
    • core/components/SupportCenter.php
    • core/components/api/Service.php
    • core/components/api/spam/Provider.php
    • epanel/custom_functions.php
    • includes/builder/autoload.php
    • includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
    • includes/builder/class-et-builder-value.php
    • includes/builder/feature/Library.php
    • includes/builder/feature/dynamic-assets/class-dynamic-assets.php
    • includes/builder/feature/dynamic-content.php
    • includes/builder/feature/icon-manager/ExtendedFontIcons.php
    • includes/builder/framework.php
    • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
    • includes/builder/frontend-builder/view.php
    • includes/builder/module/AccordionItem.php
    • includes/builder/module/Blog.php
    • includes/builder/module/Divider.php
    • includes/builder/module/Icon.php
    • includes/builder/module/PricingTables.php
    • includes/builder/module/VideoSlider.php
    • includes/builder/module/field/Border.php
    • includes/builder/module/field/BoxShadow.php
    • includes/builder/module/field/Divider.php
    • includes/builder/module/field/Position.php
    • includes/builder/module/field/Transform.php
    • includes/builder/module/helpers/MultiViewOptions.php
    • includes/builder/module/settings/migration/ColumnOptions.php
    • includes/builder/module/woocommerce/Tabs.php
    • includes/module-customizer/migrations.php
    • js/src/custom-dynamic.js
    • js/src/custom.js


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