Divi 5 Progress Update: Kicking Off The New Year

Divi 5 Progress Update: Kicking Off The New Year
January 31, 2024

I’m back with another Divi 5 progress update. Last month, I gave an initial look at the new Divi 5 interface, so if you missed that, you’ll want to go back and check it out. The new Divi 5 interface focuses on speed and efficiency, two core values of this foundational update. It’s faster, leaner, and more customizable than ever before.

Today’s update will be a bit less action-packed. The team took time off towards the end of last month for the holidays. This is also the time of year when we devote resources towards reflecting on the previous year, charting our goals, reviewing performance, and other good stuff that keeps us on the right track.

After a bit of housekeeping and a short break, we are back in action, starting 2024 refreshed and ready to kick it into high gear.

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