The New Divi AI Image Editor Comes With Divi 4.24

The New Divi AI Image Editor Comes With Divi 4.24
January 18, 2024

Divi AI now comes with an advanced AI Image Editor that you can use to modify images on the fly right inside the builder. Not only can you generate brand new images out of thin air, reimagine them, and change their styles, but you can also use the power of AI to modify specific details about an image while preserving the rest.

Use a brush to paint the area of the image you want to change, then tell Divi AI how to change it. You can modify existing elements, add new objects, expand and fill the canvas, and upscale and enhance your images using the new Divi AI Image Editor.

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version 4.24 (updated 01-18-2024)

  • Introduced the Divi AI Image Editor
    • ai-app/ai-app.php
    • ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.js
    • ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.css
    • common/admin.php
    • common/i18n/ai.php
    • common/i18n/common.php
    • common/images/no-color.png
    • common/lib/ai.js
    • common/utils/color/color.js
    • includes/builder/feature/ai-button.php
    • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js


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