Basics of Custom Post Types and Divi Machine

Basics of Custom Post Types and Divi Machine
March 12, 2024

We were recently asked to present at the Divi Chicago Meetup group. These groups are a great way to meet with other Divi users and pick up Divi tips. The downside is that most of the meetings are not recorded so you can’t refer back if you missed something.

So that people could refer back to our presentation, we created a detailed tutorial video of the presentation entitled “Basics of Custom Post Types and Divi Machine”. We’ll go over default post types, common custom post types and the Divi Machine plugin. Then you’ll see how to use the Divi Machine plugin along with Advanced Custom fields to create your own Custom Post Type (CPT).

Once the CPT is created, a template will be created to display it on pages as well as a Divi Theme Builder template for displaying individual posts. You’ll find lots of valuable information in this more than 35 minute video!

Check out the video at


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